It is already that time again and we have been back over in London. Working very hard with our disABILITY Development Week clients. Some of which feature in our write up. We aim to spend all our time working with our clients so pictures are not always high on our agenda however progression is!

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This week certainly proved that anything is possible. . I am very proud of each client and the dedication they are showing. This is not a swimming week of just lessons in the water, it is also a progression of ability, strength and day to day tasks being demonstrated and completed with processed commands and thoughts. Using ‘Box Theory’ we really do have to think outside the box. Every client is unique and individual and it is our task to get to know the client and tune into what makes them tick. How they feel,  how they construct information and then assist them in applying.

Using specially adapted training facilities in order to deliver each session which help our clients to feel relaxed and comfortable. Mr X for example this week demonstrated a huge development in his ability to follow instructions and apply these throughout each hour session. Our sessions flew by in no time but we left London with a huge delivery of talent. Who would have thought that sponge balls could play such a huge part in developing Mr X’s wrists! We very much look forward to welcome you in Lanzarote for a full training week very soon.

Thoughts from our journal…

We keep talking about Box Theory here is an example of how it is applied. Mr X has a weakness in his wrists and jointly agreed with parents, carers, physic therapists, teaching staff and consultants if we can develop the strength in his wrists this will benefit him in day to day life. We have now begun to move through the water using progression techniques starting with karate chopping to catching fish and stroking cats. Now is time to start use of the wrist and strengthening in water. Using sponge balls we started to grasp the ability rather quickly that holding and engaging with an object helps to propel us through the water. Using the sponge balls we start to gain reaction on the wrist and build strength whilst pulling effectively. Doing this also gives us an increase in buoyancy and therefore results in transfer to easier side ways breathing. As this was another key component of our scope plan, not having our head lifting forwards for many medical reasons which we will not go into here.

Cost of equipment for exercise – 50pence! Benefit of exercise – HUGE

Another superstar Mr H, who has been working with us for a number of years pre and post SDR is showing massive improvements in strength and stability. There is a huge team behind the development and progression of Mr H and this is all thanks to his fantastic parents who I consider great friends. Mr H managed to reduce his 25m swimming time down to 41seconds! Mr H is a mathematical genius (they say like father, like son!) and numbers really do drive him to achieve but what was important was how he is able to demonstrate the ability to pin point the errors when times are not quite on the mark! Knowing what technique changes are needed to bring those times down. Mr H takes part in regular CP Sport organised galas and is really developing and progressing.  Strength and conditioning plays a huge role in Mr H’s therapy and we work together with his hydro therapist to develop a structured plan to continue progression between visits. Next Stop for Mr H, our CP Swimming Camp here in Lanzarote in August.


Mr T, well what can we say. After our last visit Mr T made massive developments in his posture and core stability but did have a little bit of a decline following so the good news is we are now back on track and have a structured plan in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again and that Mr T can continue to progress between visits. Mr T uses Aqua Smovey’s for his training and now receives weekly training plans to work with in the water. These sessions have been carefully designed to ensure we maintain the core stability and strength work in check. Mr T is also joining us in Lanzarote for our CP week in August. We will be working closely with Mr T’s family to ensure he continues to progress. Below you can see an example of one of the videos we send personally to our clients to help them with their exercises on land and also in the water.

During the visit we also had a charity ball to attend for Small Steps. This fantastic event raised over 22 thousand pounds in one evening! A fantastic time was had by all. Small steps works with clients including some of ours and their families during the early stages of life. This fantastic event raised much needed funds for the charity to continue their great work.

To find out more about the great work of Small Steps follow the link here

If you are interested in the work we do on our disABILITY Development weeks you can read about more of our services here

Wanting to join one of our Cerebral Palsy Swim Weeks in Lanzarote? You can discover more here

If you are a swimming coach looking to advance your skills then please get in touch and we can help to train you to carry out the work that we do. Visit our Academy here

If you have any comments please complete the form below and we will be in touch or if you would like to discuss how we can work with you and your family. We also offer private development weeks in private accommodation here in Lanzarote. Don’t leave it too long before contacting us. This could be the greatest step you make this year.


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