I love working with all of my clients no matter their background, the satisfaction I receive from seeing clients achieve their true potential is what makes my work so rewarding. Yes, I do have a part to play in their journey and helping them to get there but ultimately it is the clients desire, drive and determination that keeps me going. We say I am helping them but actually they are helping me. Aside from coaching I am not a naturally confident person and it takes a lot for me to have confidence in myself.

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When a hospital, client, parent or other medical professional presents me with a challenge I not only aim to achieve but smash it! I know what I do and I know I do what I do well. Arrogant you may say.

The definition of arrogance is: having or showing the insulting attitude of people who believe that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people : having or showing arrogance.

Believe me there is no room in this line of work for arrogance, you don’t have long enough to think about yourself! Every session has to be planned, every goal has to be assessed and monitored communication with parents other consultants along with therapists who are all working towards the same mutual goal.


“Think outside the box” I was never made to be contained, you can’t just keep me inside a box so the work I do best fits my personality and determination to make the impossible possible. Granted, there are some things we simply cannot change and inevitability  is going to happen but why stop striving to achieve the most we can?

I am approached by parents who have been told “my child will never be able to walk” or “my child will need complete assistance through life and wont be able to do things independently”. If they have the desire to push boundaries then why should we stop until all avenues have been explored? A few examples of these clients are listed below:


Let me give you a short summary of a few of my clients because my clients are like family. Again you may say clients are clients but when you spend so much time with them we are not talking about the odd hour. We co-operate with each other all year round for many many years. One client was unable to walk and pre SDR operation, he has now competed in swimming galas coming away with Bronze and also Gold medals.

Another client has shown so much improvement in the last few weeks that we have agreed that in the future he will be able to take part in a full triathlon all by himself. He has recently had his foot reconstructed  so this goal will now be pushed but it just gives us another challenge to work towards. Another client who has CP and is deaf and dumb, we communicate through sign and has managed to swim 2 complete lengths both front and back completely unaided. Recently a client who I only started working with a short while ago has had intensive training and can now swim completely unaided and out of her depth although we have many mental barriers to overcome in the future!


These achievements are what makes everything I do worth while. Changing a NO to a YES is the biggest sense of achievement for anyone. Do you have a goal and a desire to do something more? Don’t think about it, go for it.

If you would like to read about one of our client in depth, we have had permission from his family to publish his story and videos of his achievements. Read Ivans Story

I will next be over in London for our clinics in February 2018, please feel free to contact us below should you require further information or would like to chat about what we can offer or how best to support you. ( In 2018 we will also be coming to Wales, Northern Ireland and Krakow, (Poland) Also take a look at our disability coaching section on our website.

We also offer Cerebral Palsy Swimming Camps throughout the year here in Lanzarote along with Private Villa weeks working individually with our sister company Fit Lab Lanzarote. All our services can be seen via our website.


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