We are constantly asked what we do on a daily or weekly basis. The work that we deliver is very diverse and at times challenging. We have decided to let you in and show you what happens during the day to day running of Swim Lab Lanzarote and Fit Lab Lanzarote.


We wanted to give you an insight to what we offer and how we go about delivering our services. Each week throughout the year we are fully booked with local and international visiting clients, our bookings are now being taken and selling out for 2019!

“Some people talk about what they offer or what they can do, but never actually do it”. We work differently, until now we have kept our head down and got on with helping our clients.

Now we wanted to show you how what we do really does make a difference in many different ways. Our journey with you will be recorded and shown on our Instagram story over a 14 day period.


If you don’t yet have Instagram its time to download the app to your phone now.

Our journey will go live from 00.01 on 31st March 2018 through until 23.59 on 13th April 2018. We love what we do, and we love helping people, take a look!

We look forward to seeing you over on our Instagram account. Please remember to follow us if you don’t already: @swimlablanzarote

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