What a start to a fantastic week which we have planned here in Lanzarote. This week our training camp is out of Occidental Lanzarote Mar, in Costa Teguise. We have ran previous camps out of this hotel and this week is set to be AMAZING! Follow our posts for the rest of the week…

IMG_5541 2

As you can see from the schedule below we have lots of activities planned. Most of the activities are incorporated in private disABILITY development weeks, as you know all of our 2019 group weeks are already sold out.

Programme: Our programme is fully adaptable and written based on the clients we have visiting so that each and every client gets the most out of their week.

Lets discuss Day One!

Starting with our Fit Lab Lanzarote dry land session. We have focussed this week on team work and helping others. Each of the clients knows each other well after attending previous camps together but they have individual tasks or areas which need assistance. This way we encourage each child to accept others differences and help each other complete tasks.

This morning we working on stability, gait, stance and movement. Then we jumped into the pool to work on body position, leg kick and breathing. This afternoons dry land session focussed on back stroke, gaining extension, use of both hands/arms and floating.

During this afternoons sessions we focussed in Fit Lab Lanzarote on manual development. Todays task working as a group was to create a water based painting collectively with the title “colours of the island”. They had to discuss what they would add to the painting, who would assist who in each area and make them blend together. Lots of fun was had by everyone along with finishing the painting in record time!

We then washed up, removed the paint from our hands and faces! As we cannot possibly go in the lovely crystal clear swimming pool looking like tigers! Our swim session focussing on straight leg kicks went extremely well. Using sponges and hard plastic items to help with stimulation and movement in both arms. (pretty hard to get shots while we are coaching so will make a better effect to get the aquatic shots tomorrow!).

To finish off our day, we stood for a photograph with our fantastic painting which will be hung in our office as a reminder of such an amazing day!

IMG_5544 2

We cannot wait for round two tomorrow morning…

If you love what we are doing and would like to get involved with someone you know, please feel free to get in touch or check out the link here. We do have some additional availability in 2019 as we have expanded our team.

Check back tomorrow for more exciting updates from our week. Thank you to Occidental Lanzarote Mar for the excellent assistance we received today from both life guards and the gym staff.

Any questions, get in touch here:


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