Another fantastic day of achievements here in Lanzarote. Today we focused our work on legs. Each client has their own complex difficulties which we look to address as we navigate through the week. However, one thing is for sure: each and every activity, task or challenge needs to be FUN!

We work tirelessly each and every week with all of our clients specifically tailoring our sessions to their specific needs. We do not like to put ourselves in a box and follow a strict guide line or what we should, shouldn’t or cannot do. There are many tasks which in general life kids with cerebral palsy find difficult or challenging. We focus our work on making small every day tasks possible with as little assistance as possible.

Lets take a look at some of our activities from todays programme. Kris works extremely hard to get the most out of his sessions. Creating games, devising routines and adapting activities to fit for each client. This morning we looked at “morning routines”. This set of exercises has been created to warm our body up, helping to pin point and focus on problem areas which hinder our abilities during the day.

After this we played a little game, as all of the clients during this week are able to walk, (this is not always the case on development weeks and that is factored into our activities). Being able to stand and move with support allowed us to focus on reducing tremors and heel and toe strides with engaging core stability.

One thing we focus heavily on during our Fit Lab Lanzarote sessions is to use a “dual focus processing”. What is this you may be wondering? Dual focus processing means achieving one task but with more than one focus, in other-words distributing the thoughts to make an action happen.


If you followed yesterdays write up, you will know our focus this week is to help others and understand that we can assist others in tasks which we find difficult as no child is the same. The activity we set for this morning was to navigate our way along the swimming pool with a set of obstacles in our way along with a very, very large 50m swimming pool which if our team mates don’t guide us carefully we could end up very wet!

Wearing a blind fold, we asked the other kids to help navigate the pathway, one person giving specific instructions “take two small steps forward, one large step with high knees to step over the pole”. This fun game meant that through using “dual focus processing” we helped to reduce tremors, gain spacial awareness, listen to commands and focus on our gait and stride.

We then entered the pool after working really hard with side stepping and navigation. Our natural progression was to focus on the movements gained through breast stroke. We had a lovely session working on technique and using muscles in a different way.

This afternoon during land training, Kris had created a programme for “stretching after swimming”. Each child has been given a laminated copy of the exercises which had been created for the group. Kris and the kids worked through each exercise together which really made a huge difference to their confidence, strength and stability in the water during the afternoon session.

If you would like to see the PDF which we used during todays session, please get in touch in the form below and we can send it to you. We also played a game of Jenga!

Our afternoon pool session focused on butterfly linking the exercises we used on land. Finishing off the afternoon with a jumping session from the lane blocks. Tomorrow morning as part of our land based sessions the kids will be teaching the trainers how to do the exercises learnt from today. Lets hope they do their homework this evening!

IMG_8072 2

On Wednesday, we have a trip planned at sea! Boarding a private boat for the day. We will be using all our skills for a specially adapted “on board sailing experience with core training incorporating balance and stability then a sea based swim session”. Check out our update to find out what we get up to.

Check back tomorrow for more updates or contact us below if you would like to get in touch. Remember to check out our disABILITY Development weeks here in Lanzarote as we still have a small amount of availability for 2019.


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