Today we created a mini assault course in the gym. All of the skills we have been working on for the last few days combined together in a fun and exciting challenge.

Sometimes we get asked, how can you guys possible work as much as you do? The answer is simple, when it’s fun and you see all the improvements the kids make during every session, it doesn’t even feel like work!

What did our assault course entail?
1. Standing unaided on the balance board for 5 seconds
2. Side stepping up the ladder and the same on the way back down with the opposite leg leading
3. High knees over the bars on way keeping balance and correct gait
4. Kicking the football using only one leg between each of the cones. Repeating on the way back down with the opposite leg
5. Squats to organize the numbers 1-10 and placing them in their correct holes on the puzzle.
6. Walking forwards and sideways up the numbers ladder
7. 5 upward stretches with a football (ball has supported straps if needed)
8. 3 bars up climbing (hand, hand, foot, foot)
9. 3 bars downwards climbing (hand, hand, foot, foot)
10. Placing the blind fold over their eyes, crawling through the maze into the cube in which a teddy bear was hiding! Once they found the teddy bear they had to find their way back out again.
11. Using both hands arrange and stack in coloured sets of 3 wooden blocks for 5 layers
12. High knee strides back down the ladder to the finish

As a prize the winner could choose the game which we started to play during the afternoon session.

In the afternoon, the kids showed us how to complete the “stretching after swimming” routine from yesterday. This formed part of their homework but actually it was more about seeing how much of the information had been retained and it is surprising how much kids remembered. Even if they are not able to complete the exercise exactly as described themselves they can make sure I did it correctly!

During our pool sessions today we focused on “sprints” this morning and a skills session in the afternoon looking at diving and short distance swims. Everyone had so much fun, diving off the start blocks and working on using different muscles.

We are so proud of the work each of the kids have completed so far this week. Tomorrow will be the most enjoyable trip out for everyone. We are heading out to sea on a private boat. Tomorrow is our half day so whilst we set sail from the beautiful Puerto Calero Harbor, Kris will be delivering a stretch and relax session on our way towards the white sand beaches of Playa Papagayo. Once our crew drop anchor we will go for a swim around the boat and into the shore before returning to the boat to later go for a jet ski ride and lunch. The afternoon will be spent with all the families socializing and relaxing.

If we haven’t convinced you Lanzarote is the best place in the world for therapy, wait until tomorrow!

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