Today was the day we had all been waiting for. Within our programme we plan a half day in the middle of the week. We decided to take out the Catalanza VI boat for the day. We arranged to spend the day at sea with a dry land session focussing on balance and stability with an open water swim session to follow.

We met bright and early in Puerto Calero marina at 10am where we had coffees and mocktails before boarding. Climbing aboard we met our crew led by Jack Wilkes who provided us fantastic service all day long.

Upon boarding, Kris took the kids to the front deck to deliver a core training session. This session presented many challenges our stability became a difficult factor to combine on the nets up front. As we sailed from Puerto Calero across the bay of Playa Quemada on to Playa de Papagayo we focussed on core control, stability and rotation.

Using the constant movement from the elements of the ocean we navigated a tricky session gaining many benefits. After docking at the crystal clear bay of Playa de Papagayo we jumped into the water to cool off.

We spent a short time in the water firstly looking at technique before we started to focus on distance with some of our swimmers. Kris took Osian for a dip to look at fishes and relax both on front and back. Paulo took Haydn for his first ever open water swim, working on relaxation and technique. Later, Paulo and Theo swam from the boat to the shore and back again with a heavy focus on consistency and direction.

After our training session in the water, we fed the fish. It was then signing out for the team to enjoy a much deserved rest. Chilling for the afternoon with the families and having a great time. Today was a day none of us will ever forget.

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