After a busy day at sea, everyone had been feeling a little tired this morning so we decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to review the past few days to see what improvements each of the kids has made.

We have specific targets which are set as part of our W-AVE programme. W-AVE is part of our mindset training that we deliver as part of every programme we deliver whether it be learn to swim, disABILITY development programmes, Advanced Video Analysis or Elite training. Each child works towards a defined set of clear goals which we set either verbally or as part of our coaching assessments. This gives us a clear focus to what we need to work on and how best to achieve set goals.

Needless to say this week the boys have been working extremely hard to achieve their W-AVE. Control, strength, stability, gait and stride, body positioning and use of certain muscles and functions throughout the day.


During the morning swim session we worked on speed, using different strokes with diving. Trying to beat previous times and set new records. Whilst we don’t always manage to beat the clock, he try extremely hard to deliver the best swims we can. That really is what matters. Winning isn’t always defined purely on times and this is something we try to help our clients accept.

During the afternoon sessions, Kris used our famous “Spider football” game which all kids love to play with us. Before playing we stretched to loosen off from our speed session in the pool.

Afterwards boxing, working on the basics before a much more in depth session during day six. 4 different types of punches and leg work, which for many clients with cerebral palsy this is hard to co-ordinate.


Check back for our final day, to see what we get up to rounding off a fantastic week. In the meantime if you missed the other days you can find them all below.


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